Startup identity

corporate Identity

We can create a complete set of professional identity print works for your company that are guaranteed to improve your client reliance. The design will be based on your Logo that we can create for you, or that you can supply us with to use as a foundation.

Included in our corporate identity sets are visually coherent designs for; Logo, letterhead, invoice, business card, envelopes, resumes CD & DVD case, label and folder. Facebook timeline & Twitter page covers, desktop and cross-platform and device mobile screen wallpapers.

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Video Production

If you have a message to convey, an idea and vision to share, a lesson to teach, a product to launch, then increasingly as many others do, so can you, establish and support your online and offline presence through a cool and effective company  video promotion.

Marketers are using video to engage social media audiences as never before. Money spent on video marketing has shown to give instant and measurable results. We use text, graphics, images, video clips, and sounds to capture your audiences undivided attention.

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Marketing Materials

For the diverse requirements of our prospective clients, we are engaged in offering a wide range of design printables, we work together with your business to identify your needs and create designs which will generate good results and long term growth.

We can design; product packaging, CD & DVD artwork, brochures, posters, flyers, business cards, food menus, company presentations, magazines, roll up banners, invitations, business proposals and presentations. In essence, you need it, we design it!

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Concept & Production

New service or product development is essential for any company if they are to survive, stay competitive and grow. We can analyze all the relevant processes, assess outcomes, emphasising that this stage is the most essential in a new service or product offering.

Analysing, conducting market research and conceptualizing the nature of activities that aim to either solving any consumer problems, identify potential relationships between consumers and service or product and supply and demand in any given market segment.

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Content Creation

Web content creation and copywritng is the art, science and critical cornerstone of any type of web presence. Any successful website must have a working purpose and goal of increasing inbound traffic through an effective search engine optimization strategy (SEO).

We create content to suit your specific communications objectives. Good content is comprised of many things additionally like: animations, illustrations, photography and videography, all of which are an essential part of a successful SEO strategy.

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Strategic Planing

In any business venture, strategic management is the craft of evaluating and implementing decisions that will enable an organization to achieve its long-term mission, adhere to its vision and objectives by developing concrete plans and policies.

A strategic consistency is reached when actions carried out by are consistent with the expectations proven correct by the results achieved. We can assist in your strategy planning regarding; social media marketing and website and social media analytics.

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